Here are a few examples of paintings by our members.
Click on any image to open the gallery.

'Elephant at Dusk' by John Porter 'Loch Achray' by Terry Richardson 'Oranges' by Alan McMahon 'Mountains' by Joe Kinder 'Box of Frogs' by Jean Upton 'Lion' by John Porter 'Lemur' by Jean Upton 'Sea Holly' by Jean Upton 'Steady Girl' by Roy Price 'Beth' by Kevin Adams 'This is India' by John Porter 'Ian-to' by Jill Plunkett 'Poppies' by Ann Burke 'Felucca' on a Nile Sunset by Sobhy Mostafa 'Old Willie by Guthrie' by Kevin Adams 'Wetroad' by Joe Kinder 'Hamish' by Anne Griffin 'Towards Barnston' by Neil Darrock 'Looking for Fish' by Ann Burke 'Autumn in the Lake District' by Joe Kinder 'River Dee View' by John Porter 'The Leete' by Kevin Adams 'Gilly' by Jill Plunkett 'Annie Smith' by Anne Griffin 'Groves, Chester' by Joe Kinder 'Poppy Barton' by Anne Griffin 'Winter Fox' by Anne Griffin 'Cutting' by Kevin Adams 'Who's That Over There?' by Jean Hill 'Fred' by John Porter 'Liverpool Fog' by Joe Kinder 'Sam' by Jill Plunkett 'Misty Morning' by Julia Duerden 'Evening Light' by Joe Kinder 'First Snow' by Julia Duerden 'Valley' by Audrey Sutton 'Millie' by Anne Griffin 'Isla' by Anne Griffin 'Breaking Waves' by Joe Kinder 'Boxer' by Anne Griffin 'A Horse Drinking' by Joe Kinder 'Chester Clock' by John Porter 'Bridge in France' by Joe Kinder 'Couple Paddling' by Joe Kinder 'Garden View' by Joe Kinder 'Liverpool Across the Mersey' by Joe Kinder 'View from Bedroom Window' by Joe Kinder 'Boats in Bay' by Joe Kinder

(copyright of images remains with the artist)