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Challenge Gallery

From time to time, HAA issues a challenge to its members. This page is dedicated to the latest challenge
Click on any image to open the gallery.

'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' by David Galvani 'Portrait in two colours and white' by David Galvani 'Seascape - after Mark Warner' by Janet Atherton 'The Smile - after Banksy' by Pat Barclay

Still Life Challenge

'Still Life' by Pat Barclay 'Still Life' by Barbara Lamb 'Still Life' by Pat Barclay 'Still Life' by Betty Kenny

Objects Challenge

'Objects in a Row 1' by David Galvani 'Objects in a Row 2' by David Galvani

(copyright of images remains with the artist)

This gallery is waiting for new challenge submissions from members. Please submit your entries to Kevin Adams for inclusion in the gallery.